Jinshanling International Art Festival-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Jinshanling International Art Festival

"Dot eyeball" small dragon boat holiday? Beautiful scenery, the road is smooth, not much, only the jinshanling Great Wall.

"On the Great Wall, the Great Wall, jinshanling international contemporary art festival" will be held on June 10-15.

At the same time, 11, jinshanling Great Wall international marathon match.

During the Dragon Boat Festival small long vacation, during the exhibition, as well as the Great Wall international marathon held, let the movement through the arts, satisfied to see the beauty of the country was, in the dynamic and static, let art blossom a beautiful colour.

Zhang aidong article/photo


On June 10, "on the Great Wall, the Great Wall, jinshanling international contemporary art festival" will be kicked off on the jinshanling Great Wall. The art festival for five days. At the same time, 11, jinshanling Great Wall international marathon match.

The international festival invited from the United States, Mexico, Russia, Spain, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Norway, Romania, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan artists works exhibition. Exhibition from to enter the Great Wall, jinshanling Great Wall qi jiguang square ten kilometers of the Great Wall like wolong rolling, nature and human creation immortal miracle after four hundred years of carving, together, already beautiful.


Choose ten chic watch tower and the Great Wall. (corridor), will display the artist's sculpture, ink painting, oil painting, installation, video, abstract and contemporary ink painting works and audience interaction, and behavior art works, in the transformation of the natural light of the moon and stars, let art works on the Great Wall present brand-new visual effect, let each a work of art in the international art festival on the pride and glory because of the Great Wall.

It is understood that the Great Wall, jinshanling) by LuanPingXian government international art festival, China news agency, China tao xingzhi education foundation, China Great Wall cultural exchange center, the international department of China Great Wall society, the jinshanling Great Wall management office, yushan international exchange association to undertake.

The international festival of general ideas, the general plan, says Mr Han Guowei form changing ideas. Place the international contemporary art festival in the human cultural heritage and natural space, will form of works of art exhibition gallery, museums and galleries of relatively space-time transformation to the natural space, pointing to the history and the future. "Because of this, we chose the world cultural heritage, the Great Wall of the new seven wonders of the world's most elite location - jinshanling Great Wall, as festival exhibition, let participating artists and audience of all countries together, into the nature of space and time, entered the history channel, in different forms of art language, produce dialogue relations, the human long shrouded in the spiritual home of arouse the spirit of art experience."


Jinshanling Great Wall from west meiyukou, east wangjing tower, 10.5 kilometers across, located in miyun county 140 kilometers away from downtown Beijing yanshan mountains along the border with hebei LuanPingXian. Steep hills around countless deep cliff, strange and steep, varied from mountain building situation, along with all kinds of enemy fell 67, two beacon tower, the pass size 5, is the Great Wall is one of the best-preserved Duan Ming, what the experts call the essence of the Ming Great Wall. (wen zhang aidong/diagram)