Jinshanling Great Wall meets the first snow-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Jinshanling Great Wall meets the first snow

Just last night

A winter snow came quietly

Bring a lot of joy

Playful snowflakes fall from the sky

For Jinshanling covered with a layer of romantic white yarn

This is the first snow to come to Jinshanling since winter


Winter snow flies like a blooming flower

One after another flying wantonly

Everywhere in Jinshanling


Snow covered the great wall and the mountains

Heaven and earth melt into a vast expanse of white

Like a pair of elegant color ink painting

The snow scene is picturesque


Snow covered, jade trees and branches

This snow will bring the golden mountains

Dressed up as a fairy tale world

Beauty in the sky

It should only be in the sky

It's hard to find it in the world

That's about it


Jinshanling is completely consistent

Your yearning for poetry and distance

No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, there's something you like

This beautiful resort is not to be visited once

You really don't know what you missed!