Jinshanling Great Wall after snow-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Jinshanling Great Wall after snow

Jinshanling in autumn is a rich western oil painting

Layers of forest dye, colorful, warm and unrestrained

After the snow, Jinshanling is a school of Chinese ink painting

Pure and pure, plain and elegant

The day before yesterday, snowflakes were flying together in Jinshanling

Offer a piece of silver snow world, beautiful


Winter in Jinshanling

The sky and the earth seem to be very close

Stay here

As if you can forget all the troubles in the world

When snow, with a lifetime of white and persistent

Sprinkle the petal fragrance in every corner of Jinshanling

Jinshanling Great Wall

A quiet and wild beauty


In winter, the hustle and bustle of the past has been reduced

Return to the state of primitive nature

Close view, distant view of this as if isolated from the world's white outline

The world is suddenly clear

The great wall of Jinshanling has become extremely clear and beautiful


Frozen mountains

Pure blue and white sky

The winding Great Wall

It is a beautiful and suffocating pure land of ice and snow