Beautiful as a picture! Jinshanling Great Wall!-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Beautiful as a picture! Jinshanling Great Wall!

When the great wall of Jinshanling met with snow

The world in front of me is bright and white

Anyone, come here

It seems to be a character in the fairy tale of ice and snow

Except Heating depends on shaking


There are few visitors walking the Great Wall in winter

Except for some of the photographers who came to take pictures of the snow

The most beautiful first snow of the Great Wall is fixed in the picture


The rest of the time

It's so quiet that you can only hear the blood stirring in the artery

The clatter of snowflakes falling on their shoulders


There is always a faint fragrance in the snow

With the floating clouds, floating all over the world

Teaching people just want to break the common customs

Immersed in the great wall decorated with ice and snow


Suddenly I understand

Jinshanling Great Wall, this fairy tale world

It's not just in the eyes of children

It is the holy heaven in the hearts of adults