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Jinshanling the Great Wall tickets half price


China website on May 17, reporter learned from jinshanling Great Wall management office that to celebrate the third China tourism day, stimulate people's travel enthusiasm, enhance the awareness of the Great Wall protection, hebei LuanPingXian jinshanling Great Wall decided on May 19 (China tourism day) on the same day, launch jinshanling Great Wall discount activity, to reward the people love of jinshanling Great Wall:

A, on the day of 19th May, jinshanling Great Wall half-price tickets for tickets for the global tourists;

On May 18, bentley motor show: for the last day.

Jinshanling Great Wall, known as "the Great Wall, golden hill country," said, is one of the most representative section of the Great Wall. Was built in Ming hongwu first year (AD 1368), managed the construction for senior general. (AD 1567) of the first year of longqing illustrious name ji town company commanders officer qi jiguang, thistle liaoning governor tan lun, in managed built the Great Wall on the basis of continuous construction, rebuilding.

Now the jinshanling Great Wall has become a national key units of cultural relics protection, national scenic area, tourist attractions, and included in the "world cultural heritage list". LuanPingXian tourism resources in hebei province the most typical is the development foundation, is also the best resource strategy of development of cultural power.

Jinshanling Great Wall luxuriantly green trees in summer. Especially rare jinshan sea of clouds, is unique to the jinshanling Great Wall scenic landscape.

The Great Wall, try reading the vicissitudes, connect the ancient and modern, condensed the wisdom of the Chinese people, hard hard work, perseverance, resolute, condensed the pioneering spirit of Chinese nation and the centripetal cohesion, safeguarding unity, love the motherland, national spirit, as the spirit totem of the Chinese nation.

Jinshanling Great Wall, it is an epic on solidification. (wen wu/ce/Wang Fengmin zhang aidong/lpi)