Jinshanling Great Wall, a gentle place!-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Jinshanling Great Wall, a gentle place!

It is the time when the sunrise and sunset in Jinshanling are the most beautiful
Just take a picture with your mobile phone, it is a meaningful painting
No filters or post-grading
Just so beautiful


In the early morning, the caring person has been waiting on the top of the Great Wall, waiting for the spectacular winter sunrise. I saw a round of fireballs gushing out, and then radiant, and the whole world was bright, and the visitors were excited. When the clouds and mist clear, the Great Wall of China is stained with warm morning light, and it will be more beautiful, beautiful and magical.


The sun rises, it is noon, everything becomes clear under the shining of the sun, the strange and beautiful changes of the Jinshanling Great Wall, the long and continuous figure, the tourists who are amazed by the beauty of the Great Wall, have contributed to the next sun Road beautiful scenery.


In the evening, the setting sun sets, as the so-called sunset is infinitely good, but it is almost dusk, the setting sun of Jinshanling Great Wall is tender and charming. Any emotion will heal and accelerate in the face of such miraculous nature.


Different people have different lives,
Everyone’s morning is the same,
Just hope not to disturb this gentle time,
Let us calm down in our own beauty~