The most romanticis the blue sky and white clouds!-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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The most romanticis the blue sky and white clouds!

You don’t breathe in the smog of the city, I breathe in the natural oxygen bar of the Jinshanling Great Wall; you work overtime in the smog-filled city, I look for a romance under the blue sky and white clouds of the Jinshanling Great Wall... In this same winter, looking for a different romance, only Jinshanling Great Wall!


The smog always covers the entire sky,
Every day's mood is always affected by this depressing environment.
The blue sky and white clouds that you are for,
Not all!


But in Jinshanling Great Wall,
Winter is not as cold as you imagined,
There are no tourists like weaving,
The point is to stay away from PM2.5 and haze,
The rest are blue sky, white clouds, sunshine, the Great Wall...
Silence but warmth.


Meeting Dongxue is even more like coming from a painting,
Far mountains, forests, Great Wall...
Are covered in white with snow,
With the blue sky,
The quiet look is like an oil painting.


Walking in such a landscape,
I am afraid that I will unconsciously let go of my steps!
Disturbed the view,
Presumably I feel guilty.


Despite the cold winter,
Jinshanling Great Wall still maintains that calmness!