Jinshanling Great Wall, beautiful after the snow-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Jinshanling Great Wall, beautiful after the snow

When winter comes, Jinshanling Great Wall presents another style of ink painting. Snow fell, and the mountains rose like smoke and mist, which was spectacular.


Winter snow comes through the clouds,
Leading to the secret realm deep in the road,
Like a tunnel through time and space,
On the misty Great Wall,
In the romance of snowflakes.


At the beginning of the snow,
The mist that wafts up,
Wandering among the enemy buildings.
It is like a lot of ink and wash landscape paintings.
Even in a quiet winter day,
Also rendered stunning scenery.


The sun is shining slowly,
Sprinkle into every corner, warm people's hearts.
The light is soft and warm,
Breeding vitality.


The Jinshanling Great Wall in winter is not closed for beautiful scenery.
If you want to encounter an ink and wash style,
Or want a relaxing trip,
Welcome to Jinshanling Great Wall!