Jinshanling Great Wall inwinter, meet the sunrise!-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Jinshanling Great Wall inwinter, meet the sunrise!

The normal winter is to dress thickly
The wind is cold, the sky is often overcast
Are you in a bad mood?


Want to go out but don't know where to go
Jinshanling Great Wall is definitely your best choice
Save all your unhappiness in winter
Bring your family and friends
Come to Jinshanling Great Wall


For days
Jinshanling is sunny
Can enjoy the bright sunshine in winter
It's a leisurely and luxurious slow time


Leisurely watching the wind and clouds
Enjoy the warm winter sun
There is no time left in my heart... sit still
Imagine, the warm winter sun
Sprinkle on your body, warm your heart
Lower your eyebrows, meditate, sniff the sun lightly
Enjoy this quiet and beautiful time quietly


Brings a gentle and warm wind
The branches and leaves under the city wall are up and down
But the mood is not ups and downs