The warm sun in winter, enjoy the love of time-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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The warm sun in winter, enjoy the love of time

Walking in the haze
Take a look at the unknown road ahead
Take a breath of pure dust
Is it a bit tight in the chest, short of breath, and breathing problems?
How are you like this?


Come to Jinshanling Great Wall Scenic Area!
  The sky is high here
  Depicting the beautiful winter


Jinshanling in winter
Quiet and harmonious
Warm sun
Like a fairyland in a painting


In the sultry sun of Jinshanling
Saw the warm sun this winter
The mountain stream is as clean and thorough as ever


Pure air lingers in the nose
Take a deep breath of cool air
Let the whole heart and lungs relax instantly


Great sunshine
Jinshanling for winter
Adds infinite charm


Appointment? Come to Jinshanling Great Wall to feel the warm winter sun!
Away from the smog of the city
Feel the blue sky and white clouds of Jinshanling