Bathed in the warm winter sun-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Bathed in the warm winter sun

Jinshanling Great Wall in Winter
It's silver-clad and very enchanting
Season of silence
Shaped by the rugged snow scene and the white clouds
The Great Wall Shengjing Committee really has a sense of free and easy
Hard to describe in words


Jinshanling Great Wall in Winter
It's a Bing Qing Yujie
Pure white spot
Ingenious combination of winter snow with pine, stone and cloud
With a magnificent sunrise
Gorgeous sunset, crystal ice hanging, rime glaze
Dress up Jinshanling as a beautiful paradise on earth


Jinshanling Great Wall in Winter
Without the company of green trees and flowers
Winding the sky between the ridges
More vigorous beauty
Can appreciate the pride of a great nation


The Great Wall is so beautiful in winter
So quiet
Come to Hajj Jinshanling Great Wall with blue sky and white clouds
Feeling pure
Looking for the beauty of ineffable emptiness


All so quiet and beautiful
No noisy traffic
There is no crowd
You just need to listen quietly to the wind blowing leaves
Slow down
Taste this different Jinshanling Great Wall