A proper tour of Jinshanling Great Wall in winter-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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A proper tour of Jinshanling Great Wall in winter

Recently, a snowfall in Jinshanling shocked everyone's eyes.
Jinshanling is full of fairy meaning,
Under the makeup of ice, snow and blue sky,
More like a fairyland.


The snow in early winter seems to be very gentle,
The strong sunlight reflected back pastel sky,
The blue of the sky also softened,
Jinshanling after snow
It shows the most authentic face of nature.


From a distance, the blue sky and white snow blend together and reflect each other,
Bright and dark under the projection of sunlight,
Standing on the top of the mountain,
All in one.


The Jinshanling Great Wall under the blue sky and snow,
Winding and undulating, like a jade belt falling in Wanshan.

Formed a wonderful picture.