You can“t miss the snow scene with the sunrise!-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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You can“t miss the snow scene with the sunrise!

they said……
There is no scenery in Jinshanling in winter
The wood withered grass is yellow
Jinshanling is unpopular in winter
The tourists are very lonely


Stop misunderstanding the winter in Jinshanling
In fact, Jinshanling in winter is the real paradise
It's now in the winter with heavy snow
Really, suddenly like a night of spring breeze, thousands of trees and pear blossoms bloom


Jinshanling in winter is like an ink painting
Jinshanling, wrapped in silver, is particularly enchanting
Jinshanling Great Wall is covered with ice and snow
Tourists seem to step into a dream world


Jinshanling in Winter
It's a paradise for the brave
After the heavy snow
Climb the Jinshanling Great Wall in the early morning
Look at the snow-covered road
Watching the clouds flow under my feet
What's more exciting than this


at this moment
Standing on top of the Great Wall
Waiting quietly for the sunrise
Wan Lai is quiet
One second seems to be ten thousand years


Jinshanling in winter
So quiet
So beautiful
Step on the snow step by step
The far back and the trails of footprints
It’s just your winter beauty