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"Dot eyeball" mountaineering, camping, going out for an outing, hearty good backpack in addition to let a person spirit, carry a lot of things, hands free, keep the body balance, make travel more safe and comfortable. Establish in your mind about the concept of backpack, will keep you safe and comfortable on the journey.

A, backpacks fabrics

Nylon: quality is lighter, not moisture absorption and mildew, quick drying, and good strength; Defect is not wearable and is afraid of fire.

Cordura: is a kind of synthetic nylon fabric, but it's performance in wear resistance and strength is better than nylon, also won't moisture, mildew and pleurodesis snowflakes and fast drying, but a little heavy than nylon.

Canvas: although is wear-resisting, but because of easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, wet to dry and quality is heavy, so is rarely used.

Second, the capacity of the

Capacity is not enough, the item plugin is easy to lost and encumbrance; Capacity is not easy to get a solid big backpack when packaging, action bags for mobile equipment affect balance. First choice knapsack capacity to build personal equipment list.

Equipment list also points ChangDuanTu and activity area, and climate factors, it is divided into regular items and consumables.

Regular items: raincoat, warm clothing and sleeping bags are not cut according to the various factors, the size weight are relatively stable.

Consumables: food, fuel, etc. With the increase and decrease of activity time, the number of this item's influence on the volume is very big.

More than 50 l large backpack adopt "elastic capacity design", even if the backpack can still play well after long-term activities, also make the bags can be applied to different areas of activity.

Below 50 l of small and medium-sized bag does not need this design.

Third, bearing system

Bearing system main function is to reasonable distribution to the various parts of the body weight, avoid the weight on the shoulder. In addition it also provides with focus adjustment to increase the action of balance and security.

Medium and large bags usually bearing system for the center with back frame, back frame and can be divided into two kinds of, within the outer frame and posture.

Posture: outside the outer rack backpack is the backpack fixed in a rigid framework (aluminum alloy), the most common, there are taut nylon shoulder strap and hip belt fixed.

Features: focus on the high side, around the shoulder or over the shoulder. High center of gravity design needs is not suitable for highly balanced occasion, for on a flat road.

Advantages: easy to goods loading use, and can make weight shall be borne by the shoulder and hip joint. Back good ventilation.

Disadvantages: under different conditions and practical framework of inconvenience. Such as drill line in the forest, the bamboo grove, backpacks are easy to hook stuck; Easy to suddenly when climbing or skiing center of gravity shift out of balance.

Therefore, outer rack backpack is suitable for long distance go smooth on the way.

The posture: in the interior of the inclusion of nylon fabric package, the above principle.

Features: low center of gravity is slightly. About can be adjusted between the shoulders and hips. Is suitable for the need to keep balance of climbing occasions, can prevent the backpack shaking at shoulder height.

Four, backpack, the choose and buy is different from person to person, adjust measures to local conditions

Note: 1, adjusting range must shoulder strap, and conforms to the length of the back to make the focus fell in the ideal position;

2, hip belt must be able to on the hipbone.

3, back up the bag also should be able to see from behind the buttocks and legs, shape is petite women should pay special attention to this point, don't carry a backpack from the back when only see backpack and crus, it is very wrong and dangerous.

Try back steps: 1, backpacks, adjust all belt loosen plus the weight and feel weight knew his knapsack up, bearing adjustment range is appropriate

Should be check after 2, backpack inside aluminum strip curve and curve fit with back, if not check if aluminum bar flexible, bendable if use after a period of time the aluminum bar will turn into a curve with the back.

3, shoulder strap and bag joint must be 5-8 cm below the shoulder, and the space between the shoulder strap and bag.

4, chest belt can be adjusted in the width of the opening and closing chest, shoulder strap and can make the shoulder strap on the shoulder more comfortable position, and can prevent the backpack shaking.

5, when the bags after adjusting to the most appropriate location, should check the line of sight of the head? Whether can be looked at without touching the backpack at the top? Wear a helmet when whether can still look up at the sky? Backpack comfortable breathe freely and back contact part? Should also pay special attention to the shoulder strap and hip belt cushion width and quality.

(bs, matters needing attention and the process of choose and buy a little much and tedious, but they don't bother ah, buy a comfortable package is absolutely worthy of our physical, life, pleasure and silver ha ~)

Note: details whether nine? !

Whether has the design of double bottom cloth, this feature can greatly extend the life of the of the backpack.

Whether have drag rings, ice ax ring.

Whether to have elastic capacity of design, long distance travel is very necessary.

Whether has the design of compression side belt, it can tighten the backpack when equipment to reduce reduce the volume, in order to prevent the action backpack travel gear shift sloshing effect of balance.

Whether there are convenient to carry crampons, skis, snow shoes, alpenstock design.

If there is a removable side pockets, this characteristic can make the elastic volume increase.

Whether there is a chest strap design, in difficult and harsh terrain it can prevent the backpack mobile.

Design whether smooth, if the bag is used for climbing or forest, to avoid the branches or rock bound to trip.

Zipper will force directly? Such as the stress of the stress that it directly limits? If the zipper malfunction if backpack can also be used.

Five, the bag packing

Bag packing adverse affect the ease of use and comfort, or cause damage of barycenter offset and backpacks. Accordingly, when packing bag besides first will classify all kinds of goods in accordance with the purposes, also note two points: the first is about balance gravity solid; The second is easy to access

The loading principle:

1, the quality of the heavier on the top and try to close to the back, can make the centre of gravity is close to the back so as not to have the feeling of being after pull. Big volume, light quality items can be placed in the bottom, this does not affect the center of gravity; In addition due to the heavy pressure on it, so after using a backpack will be more dense.

, hard 2 items don't take it to post back the parts, otherwise it will directly to the back uncomfortable and even hurt back, and when they fall or because of hard goods and only a layer of cloth bag back, it's easy to put the backpack cloth worn out.

About 3, backpacks placed the item weight should be similar, so as to avoid the center of gravity offset. Raincoat, drinking water, and use that day should be on the top or the most accessible places.

4, use the idea of objects classification bags: similar to items or the items you used at the same time in the same bag for easy access, scattered little more.

5, get into the habit of designated place: not only finishing backpack faster, and in the dark environment also can feel out what you want.

6, try to change the way of packing, try to reduce unnecessary backpack outside hang, this not only affects the operation safe and not beautiful.

Six, backpack on the shoulder, under the shoulder

Use big backpack backpack on the shoulder and the shoulder is the basic action.

On the shoulder:

1, feet stand lunge, both hands to live with the shoulder strap backpack mentioned front foot on his thigh, a hand to wear the shoulder belt shored up shoulder to shoulder bag, then the other hand also fast through the other side of the aglet. By completing the backpack on the shoulder

2, backpack will drag the higher places, people can wear the hands at the same time as long as a little down into the shoulder strap and standing up after shoulder movement is completed.

3, one hand through the shoulder belt first, then push to the other side of the package, when your feet lunge peg-leg, upper body bending forwards, package has been smoothly, force equilibrium (full body) on the back, and then slowly the other hand through the other side of the shoulder straps, stand, complete. (like weight lifting ha ha! I used)

Shoulder under way: is a reverse action, put down the backpack should be put down gently, when heavy fall very guest easy to damage the bag.

P.s. A second shoulder way not only save Labour, and can be a short time to rest, don't put down the backpack we are halfway rest often will big backpack will be near the higher on the side of the road. Facilitate the backpack or not put down up and down.

Review: the choose and buy of backpack

Functional design. What bearing system, designed for what kind of exercise and intensity. (each brand has its own bearing system, suitable for extreme mountaineering and to travel long distances with bag, as well as ordinary hiking and travel with bag)

Pack size. Shoulder backpack skeleton must be higher than 2 ~ 4 inch, not more than 5 or 6 inches shoulder bag, a backpack or re-election.

Central bearing when the belt is in the center of the sciatic, waist cushion end don't get too close to each other and no gasket part without friction belly, don't choose belts that are too tight.

Adjust aglet fixed point, the curve of the shoulder straps must stick close with person's back, about below shoulder straps at the top of the 2 ~ 3 inches, and both hands grasping the strap end, fist shall be below the armpits.

Head can't hit the bag top, can't stop wearing a helmet. Chest strap must be able to help shouldering can through the difficult terrain.

Detail design. Is at the bottom of the bag double, so can increase the durability of backpack.

An extension of the bag at the top of the bag must be extended upward again, at the same time extend bag need to seal.

Backpack tightening belt should be able to squeeze on the outside part of the bags bulk, to prevent the shaking.

Backpack side pockets must be convenient disassembling.

Backpack must be supplied with traction loop and ice axe loop to carry crampons, snow shoes... And other items.

Backpack durability is you need.

Whether can continue to use the one thousand zipper malfunction.

Suture strength: including straps suture belt and inclusions, bag cover and inclusions of suture, ring and inclusions of stitching, fabric between the stitches, external suture belt and inclusions.

(key parts of the suture line is commonly multichannel, multiple insurance)

Accessories: quality accessories including waist buckle, all zippers, straps and chest belt buckle, bag cover and inclusions fasteners, external belt fastener, etc. (fastener is the repeated use of the components, fatigue resistance, low temperature brittle crack, sturdy and reliable)

Fabric choice: including the wear-resisting degree, the degree of waterproof technology, fabric weight degree, prevent tearing degree, soft degree and degree of anti UV. (prevent tearing cloth as the grid shape; more general bag does not have waterproof function, need to cover, and wear-resistant materials use in the bottom of the bag, the most contact with the ground and rock)

Anyhow, valence and unforgettable trip is based on the comfort and security guarantee under the premise, we don't advocate money, but on the premise of have the economic ability to choose suits own is the most important thing.

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