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Through the jinshanling hiking shoes to buy advice


Brand brushing aside, forget the pseudo outdoor brand, what is the camel, the Locke family and so on, it is fashion shoes, no function at all. Then forget about old donkey told you but you don't remember of the international brands.

Relationship between choice mountaineering shoes, first to see the fabric, the fabric with waterproof quality, air quality. If poor waterproof, outdoor hiking encounter rain, well, congratulations to you, first of all, your shoes will be filled with water, and then can easily grind out a few blisters, others evening meal in tents very much in love, but you can only depressed squats aside with a pin to play in the water bubble. Permeability is needless to say, you might think is suppress beriberi to nothing, isn't there daktarin?

Ok, we have to go back to the previous question, what kind good fabrics? Now there are only two options worth technology fabrics, one is the GORE - TEX, one EVENT, is the world's top waterproof breathable fabrics. On the hiking shoes, of course, they are as lining, the most is usually on the surface of the leather or nylon fabric. So a lot of fish in troubled waters of the factory will tell you "you see, I this pair of mountaineering shoes are all leather, like XX brand, cheap", but there is no technology as lining fabric, what do you think of a simple leather or nylon fabric can block rain, more and more breathable? Without science and technology of fabric lining, you wear is a pair of hiking shoes look like fashion shoes, look at this you might as well go out wearing leather shoes, also light some.

Then we could for the soles. Sole is durable, whether has the skid resistance is mainly look at its material selection and pattern design. So the best choice, in general is the bottom of the V. V at the end of the word is countless times by travelers would repeat things over and over again, what is the bottom of the V, is to use the Vibram rubber soles. Vibram rubber is Italy's production, the somebody else in 1947 began to aircraft production of rubber tires, later found do sole easier better cheaper, and then ran to fetch the rubber soles, so, has become the world's sole supplier. Identify your shoes whether have Vibram soles, just see whether there is a yellow sole that LOGO with Vibram rubber. Of course not rule out a return for you buy the shoes in the corresponding part of the seal is a "OK" or "SHIT", or a $200 pair of shoes also was printed with Vibram, so congratulations you, you have. Admittedly, the bottom of the V is also called the sliding base and part of the travelers said shoes wearing V wading in coal can make you feel, that I personally came to see. Vibram is just a kind of rubber, 1947 Vibram should also have a certain type grip, since the transformation do sole, I estimate that they design focused more durable and portable. But it is said that Vibram shoes are based on the purpose to allocate rubber grip, some climbing shoes is also USES the Vibram soles, so on the hiking shoes, I think catch a dungeon to see patterns, as for the grain is to say, is not good choice. What is the great rift valley type open antiskid lines suitable or Allen iverson's dry fine lines slippery suitable, this is where the opinion, to be technical research.

Then let's talk about the leg warmers. This thing is actually a complement with respect to the overall design fabrics and shoes, like the people will say very fantastic importance as GORE - TEX, said don't bird it people think doesn't matter. I think, at least lower for hiking shoes, leg warmers is dispensable. In the traditional high above for hiking shoes, leg warmers will undoubtedly more comfortable, but not as the first meet the conditions of mountaineering shoes of choose and buy.

The last watch brand. If you look at the introduction above, you are determined to have a pair of hiking boots that GORE - TEX + Vibram soles, so meet the two conditions are generally not foreign brand products, the current domestic I haven't seen both of mountaineering shoes. The most close to our consumers international brands, the best, the most affordable brand is what?

A lot of, but I only recommend three, la sportiva, Vasque and ASOLO (Wisconsin). And choose la sportiva because they have agent in China and monopoly of the channel, also has very many supply of goods in taobao, they GTX products prices are relatively (relative to other big international) is lower, also can't bad workmanship and quality, the best thing is that they are not replicas or imitation goods, so you can rest assured to buy, Colombia and TNF north face of the replicas more is let you dare not to choose quality goods, not their bad). Choose ASOLO because classical, marines and navy seals wear ASOLO, you still have what good picky? (this part does a bit exaggerated, but AOSOLO still have certain popularity in the field of high-end shoes)?

Said the brand is not, must point to a specific style, focus on recommend la sportiva bb 883 GTX 7166 and 4.0 both products, 883 bb price less than $1000, 7166, 1000 more, probably the most widely popular in China, with the highest degree, and general outdoor shop can sale, you can go to the physical and try it on. Of course also have some quality complaints and problems reflect, but it is also a kind of advantage, convenient you a comparison, the most afraid of is, have you bought a pair of shoes, but can't find out any experiences on the Internet, if the shoes have never people buy. I encountered this kind of situation, when choosing cycling shoes take a fancy to a FIVE TEN red and black mountain biking shoes, price is not cheap, the style is very arrogant, but hardly find reviews online, plus E text only stay in the oral English proficiency level point of view, so, there is no harvest refer to foreign websites, did not dare to start today.

And, of course, if your budget up to level of less than one thousand yuan, or do you wear hiking shoes few opportunities. Then a pair of cheap cheap quality and good domestic hiking shoes is your first choice. I focus on recommend Sherpa and west along the two brands. No GORE - TEX, no end of V, I recommend to you the two brands of products is in the past five years to the present entry and multi-worlds and economical type of fittings are most often choose shoes, they are worth I recommend reason is durable, after use, and quite cheap. One of the most important, they are not fake outdoors, not confuse drama creation, they are prefer to families outside weak starved to death, also don't want to run to scoop the fast fashion old donkey, I older than you. Add up over the years, their products, I'm afraid not more than twenty models, in the face of taobao shop goods every year several hundred of pair of X, X family, you will be touched beyond words. A pair of shoes to less than 300, 300 yuan to give you the best work, also can give you bonus waterproof leg warmers, can silently stay after you changed the big eat ashes, excuse me, there are several mountaineering shoes can do it. Sherpa, at least, to accompany my three years of the new donkey career, west along the outdoor time of accompany I pass by two years, even if I'm riding on his foot now is expensive ASOLO, I still think, down-to-earth tastes delicious.

Sherpa's material is really very heavy very heavy, west along the lighter weight is a little less durable feeling, estimates that this two brand have faded out of the line of sight of people, low-end hiking shoes market is bad to do, in the face of crossover is a menacing propaganda offensive, so stick to the traditional concept of outdoor manufacturers are few. If which day they gone, I can only say that fate, not waiting for me.

By the way, if you have a higher pursuit is in one thousand yuan the following, there are few domestic brands for your choice, them or use the bottom of the V, or use EVENT waterproof fabrics, or have good workmanship and appearance. They are: Hi - Tec, chi, KAILAS, pole star, pathfinder.

The idea of buying shoes each person is different, some people tell you, would rather save directly on top, it's worry. Some people tell you, outdoor equipment to statistical usage, don't see big small token, regardless of the price high and low, basically see use frequency, or haven't in a good pair of slippers and practical. My personal experience is that if you put the outdoor as an experience, then, is for the best experience. If you see the outdoors as a period of life, so, let this life go hand in hand, and your body and your feet feel to learn to grow together. Only for you forever, nothing wrong with bad.

I wish you a speedy find the eyes of the feet, oh no, are those shoes.

Author: the boat