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Climbing (four seasons fashion advice


In recent years, the rapid development of domestic outdoor sports, mountain climbing, crossing, rafting, camping, etc. Various kinds of outdoor activities greatly enriched the content of outdoor sports, travel, outdoor team is growing, a number of friends in the circle is a "play" home, had a good professional, in the practice, learned to many tricks of a fall into a pit a gain in your wit.

Outdoor travel two unwritten principles can refer to: one is applicable principles; Second, reduce line principle. In order to adapt to the two principles, a new type of clothing - function of outdoor clothing should be born. Applicable principles require travel outdoor choice garments should give full consideration to adapt to the objective conditions, satisfy the requirement of the outdoor condition in, that it doesn't suffer distress. Is different from that occupy the home, in the outdoor environment is complex, climate changeable, wind and rain, so choose a focal point of clothing should be both to wind, rain, warm, cold, cool in the summer is not sticky. Suspicion that the principle requirements and strive to streamline. As the saying goes in no light but, travel long distances, climb in the valley, and is, of course, the lighter the better. Each variety of volume and weight are all factors that cannot be ignored. Circles someone holding a purchase equipment, electronic scale seems odd, but makes sense.

Applicable principles are proposed to adapt to the outdoor conditions, however, diversity, and articles carried by the suspicion that principle is put forward by the oneness. In order to solve this contradiction, in the outdoor sports development appeared in the process of a new type of clothing, circles call it the outdoor sports wear, clothing has also called it a function. This kind of clothing on select material to the function is all ready, strive for simplicity in design and production. Not only meet the outdoor dress multi-function features, at the same time, also accord with the requirement of strive for simplicity, can be said to be the outdoor travel the ideal dress. If we know something about this kind of clothing fabrics and production process, will know its incomparable superiority to adapt to the outdoor.

Finally on the whole, the outdoor clothing selection need according to their own actual situation to choose. At present, various types of on the market, the price level, various according to different environment design of clothing a variety of classes; And outdoor activities in the domestic rapid development, also more and more people to participate in the outdoor, the nature have different levels of outdoor crowds and different requirements of outdoor equipment. The outdoor equipment manufacturers are introduced according to various requirements of outdoor gear; A professional (expensive, with makings is very exquisite, of course, in view of the environment is also very special); Also have extensive outdoor concept, this kind of equipment, price moderate, with makings also have certain guarantee, and also have a functional, such as tourism, regular travel, picnic, camping under conventional, such equipment can be a very good generally meets the requirements; So when outdoor equipment of choose and buy, "according to their own needs to choose" is the general principles to be followed, "(of course for the wealthy and the player is another matter).

Friends pay attention to several problems who be worth to remind is:

1. Equipped with clothing taboo for themselves as to objectively estimate their cold tolerance. Generally speaking, people have the cold tolerance of obvious differences, under the condition of the same dress, afraid of the cold and people who are not afraid of cold poor adaptability to temperature above 10 ℃.

2. Equipped with clothing go to objectively estimate the characteristics of the climate, generally with the altitude mountains and plains of the 5 ℃ temperature difference is very normal, and the same region there is a difference in altitude of 1, 2 km to 10 ℃ temperature difference is not surprising.

Travel carry 3. Want to consider the characteristics of activities, such as fishing belongs to static, static in the human body is not easy to generate heat, with garment should consider more the warmth retention property. If go climbing or walking through the woods, belong to more strenuous activities, should be considered to carry heat dissipation good, not easy absorption khan gas. General said chemical synthetic materials made of clothing thermal perspiration better performance than cotton clothing.

4. Might as well carry clothes slightly surplus to encounter. Even strenuous exercise, and there is relatively quiescent stage, therefore carry clothing should be appropriate scope.

In the spring and autumn

Transitional period is the spring and autumn period and the years of alternating day and night temperature difference is bigger, often during the day the temperature is higher, the night is cold, especially in the mountains, along the clothing should be adapted to the characteristics of general optional weather-proof outer garment, sweater, a set of two sets of underwear (choose the material thermal conductivity sweat), the autumn dew heavy gas, should choose waterproof hiking shoes. Spring to early autumn cool period can add a double-sided velvet coat, a hat can jungle hat shading as well as dust, a pair of jungle gloves can keep warm and to hand in the jungle.

In the summer

In summer the weather is hot, hot body heat is more, tell from the breathable absorbent, cotton is superior to chemical fiber, close-fitting wearing comfort is better, can choose pure cotton shirts, fission jungle shorts (the legs can be removed); Tell from the guide sweat drying, chemical fiber is better than that of cotton products, underwear (pants), COOL vest optional MAX material products, and preparing a backup. Optional permeability good summer mountaineering shoes, in order to prevent the rain raincoat, can prepare a thin material for Hyman day for a double jacket.

During the winter

To travel less trouble early winter underwear optional double-sided velvet, the coldest season of the best down underwear, there can also be used to replace single rain pants with fleece lining ski pants, don't forget to choose a pair of warmth retention property good hiking boots. Head warm optional plush suede hood, warm hands should choose waterproof breathable cotton gloves, to those who are afraid of cold can add a warm vest. Regardless of any season travel indispensable socks, socks for spats and to ensure that it is very important for the comfort, travel to cotton socks, best winter optional cotton blended socks and carrying amount should be different from person to person, love should prepare some more foot sweat, feet can't be in damp environment for a long time. This is just a different season out of the general options. But everything should not be absolute, travel choice should give full consideration to your adaptability and dress habits, this traveler should be in time to find their own feelings