Dragon Boat Festival will go to jinshanling-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Dragon Boat Festival will go to jinshanling


"Dot eyeball" Dragon Boat Festival for three days, I want to travel, but don't know what to do. Fear, afraid of the sun, afraid to eat have loose bowels... So we begin to imagine, if there is such a place: the less people, good air, cool, and eat at ease, the ease of play, it is the best choice! Don't say, really there is such a place. Go, dot outfit, let's go to jinshanling!

Tip 1: less people quiet and serene mind

Jinshanling LuanPingXian in hebei province and Beijing miyun county intersection point. Starting from Beijing at this point, than badaling time-consuming. The surface is not conducive to jinshanling tourism development. But gradually highlights its advantages. When the badaling crowd surging, jinshanling Great Wall still keep quiet there, visitors so far, can hear the wind sing, birds, rustling leaves, after nightfall, more beautiful insect sonata... So visitors blundering mood in imperceptible in also be smooth.

Tip 2: natural oxygen bar, purify the lungs

By continual PM2.5 in Beijing challenge, countless people want to seek a clean place, there don't have to wear a mask, it is safe to exhaled breath of fresh air, just like the fish back to the purest ocean. So the jinshanling became the preferred destination for holidays. Here from the pollution of the city, under the blue sky and white clouds, all kinds of plants and keeping, releasing the pure oxygen, made the most out of this pure natural oxygen bar.

Tip 3: green abundance, relax the eye

Whether or not you are the cement forest with gray, black with elevated intraocular pressure, ballooning at the temples? Twinkling of the monitor screen of a computer, mobile phone screen is your astigmatism degree is higher and higher? City green turf has been high-tech encroach on there. Very not easy for the holiday, have to escape from the city, to find starts from green. Standing on the jinshanling Great Wall, look, your eyes finally can stretch and take a deep breath!

Secret 4: perfect hiking, compete with "laowai"

Been to jinshanling, have the impression "the foreigners there!" . It is because of the above reason, jinshanling became foreigners on foot. Panting when you step up a stair climbing, wearing headphones, wearing sportswear foreign tourists will run from your side, sometimes will smile at you, shout, added: "on!" . So go to jinshanling, don't forget to take a set of clothes for hiking, running, it's about time for me to compete with "laowai", can also be conveniently test under his own spoken English!

Tip 5: the original ecological food, private exclusive

Jinshanling Great Wall at the foot of green food base, to provide tourists nearly hundred kinds of pollution-free food at ease. When you get a good view of the jinshanling Great Wall beauty scenery, be sure to taste the flavor of jinshanling Great Wall. Change of era and society will change people's spirit, but the eating is a kind of culture of the eternal. By eating, we can reach fuxi, shennong era, can in the Ming and qing dynasties of tang and song dynasty. Eat, will China's history has become a line, by eating can feel the emotion and the ritual of China, love and beauty. Groups, as I, the taste of wine sitting in jinshan restaurant window, tasted the food, overlook the beauty, is really a great happiness in life...

Tip 6: mountain for the night, the sunrise the next day

Jinshanling sunrise countless photographer water mark is the subject. Without opening travel before the shuttle bus, many photographers in Beijing will drive to, at the weekend on the farmhouse at the foot of the mountain lived a night, the second day get up early to capture vocal jinshanling sunrise. Jinshanling tourism special line was opened last year, the local accommodation facilities is perfect. We have even less reason to miss the radiant golden light, on the edge of the day!


Can be outside the Beijing east XieJie 45, 974, 975, 942 bus dongzhimen terminal (formerly dongzhimen long distance bus station) in jinshanling traveling special line, bearing high speed about 2 hours to go Beijing scenic spot.

Accommodation can choose jinshan hotel at the foot of the mountain, is a compound archaize building about 5000 square meters. Rooms in both two, three, four apartment-style suites, courtyard and secrete yard standard. The layout of the elegant environment, considerate, reside urbanite's backpack.