Method 4: by plane-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Method 4: by plane

Chengde Puning airport is the key project of Hebei province's "11th Five-Year plan", and the "12th Five-Year plan" project of provincial and national civil aviation development was completed. Since 1989, it has started four large-scale site selection work successively. The airport site is located in Chengde County after the beam, the distance from the city straight line 19.5km. Airport flight zone grade 4C 2800m, the length of the runway, terminal area of 5000 square meters, 5 C class seats, parking lot area of 7278 square meters, built 1149.56 square meters of air traffic control building (including the tower) and the comprehensive office building of 1785 square meters, as well as the weather, power supply, water supply, fuel supply, fire rescue auxiliary production facilities. The main aircraft types are B737, A320 and so on, which can meet most of the domestic aircraft take-off and landing. The total land acquisition area is 230.7553 hectares.