Why is the most representative of the watchtower-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Why is the most representative of the watchtower


Warehouse building stands on the brick crenel pine depression on the east side of the mountains, its north and south 9.7 meters wide, 10.5 meters long from east, stone base, the blue brick flies in the heats, there is stair steps, shop room, warehouse, under the heavy city, barrier walls, block walls, experts say it is in the bright Great Wall most representative of a watch tower.

Why do you say it is most representative of the watch tower? This is because the warehouse floor tall majestic buildings not only itself, but also many ancillary facilities, constitute a complete defense system.

Upstairs from the warehouse to look around, we can see the outside near the west hill, there are two circular pier, that is where the enemy sentry observation. If there is a Mongolian military forces, the sentinel will be found in time, it can be ready to confront.

On the mountains between the two pier, built a branch of the Great Wall and the north-south, stretching all the way to the warehouse floor. Line up two watchtowers, and some used to placed artillery battery. If pounce, many soldiers on the feeder will be relying on the Great Wall to play. One thousand couldn't resist, can from the side wall withdraw the warehouse floor, also can increase the force through the side of the Great Wall.

On the warehouse floor north of more than 50 meters away from the wall there is a less rules, 2 meters high, 200 meters long, the wall is "block horse wall". Burly riders in front of the block wall ma, will stall down a peg or two.

If it is able to resist the invasion of the military forces, at the foot of which yao warehouse outside close to the floor, there is a 15 m long, 2 m high of the battle, battle platform is full of shot hole, attackers will be stuck here. Let alone upstairs warehouse soldiers, can with watchtowers JianChuang, horse-refraining pits, in the fight against approaching many of the Great Wall.

On the warehouse floor on both sides of the Great Wall, there are piles of stones, this is not piled up at random, but a "weapon" - Lei ancient stone. It is ancient weapon, "sleighs Lei stone" of the method is known to all. Can imagine, when the pounce military forces to the Great Wall, the Lei stone rolled down from the mountain, the damage is very big, no sharp arrows and cannon.