After climbing the Great Wall landscape-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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After climbing the Great Wall landscape



The distance Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles.

      The sea of clouds tossed before us

      The sea of clouds after the rain

      A spectacle that has fascinated many photographers
      Has become the norm
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The sea of clouds appears in summer after rain. A shop, Wan Qing whitecaps rolling "sea of clouds", the size of the millions of gullies are submerged in the "sea of clouds" Xuelang, only the top of the hills of the Great Wall tower in the sea of clouds like the Sea rocks, partly hidden and partly visible, like a Ye Bianzhou swing in the sea.





The clouds into the Great Wall Jinshanling clouds, the wind, shaking a clothes, the feeling of flying. In front of the road there is no trace of the towering walls, such as Lou misty island. Despite the billowing clouds, surging raging. According to the cloud fog, fog hanging clouds, winding between the winding up of the Great Wall, unpredictable changes.