Walk in the lazy Jinshanling the Great Wall-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Walk in the lazy Jinshanling the Great Wall

Over the weekend, walking in the same lazy Jinshanling the Great Wall in the morning, to my body and mind to put a fake......

      On the top of the Great Wall, bathed in the sun, a stream of time across the fingers, so excited, excited, high exudes their inner monologue.






The clear birds singing, the blue sky, the majestic the Great Wall...... The whole body agrees with the beautiful scenery along the way and relaxes every cell in the body.

In the process of climbing the Great Wall, let the breeze gently blowing cheeks, elegant turn, against the wind, let the wind take away all the troubles, leaving only his pure heart, smug, such as spotlessly clean cirrus slowly stretch wrapped in natural forest oxygen, deep breath, make a sweet dream.




The historical traces left by the years in the Great Wall, however, are more authentic, and those ruined and difficult to reach the city walls and paths lead to an endless reverie of history. The Great Wall, The scenery is like a picture.


Enjoy the beauty of the Great Wall this weekend!