Savor the delicious dishes-Jinshanling the Great Wall

Savor the delicious dishes

Jinshanling hotel equipped with private rooms, can receive 60 people dine, hall can host 240 people dining at the same time, spring, summer, autumn three seasons can also have dinner outside. Tasting delicacies at the foot of the ancient Great Wall, toasts, is a kind of lasting appeal.
Still can buy duck, wild fruit and other native products: ferns, wooden teeth, wild mushrooms, day lily, chestnuts, walnuts, red fruits, addtionally, home-made soy products and so on.
Dining standard: RMB 300 - RMB 600 / table (highlight the characteristics of farm and local flavor), bake complete sheep 2000 yuan/only, the other can hold bonfire party and other entertainment activities.