GeneralTower-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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General Tower established in 1569, the General Tower was renovated in 1985, elevation of about 475 meters. On the north of the building a beacon tower, buttress wall, horse barrier wall, the outer city wall and thebarrier walls were respectively arranged. All of these constructions constitute acompact military defense system. The beacon tower was used to observed and transmitmilitary situations as early as possible. The buttress wall was used to guard the General Tower and prevent any enemies from attacking Zhuanduoguan Pass and the Shaliingkou Pass. The horse barrier wall was used to block any enemies who rodehorses toward the Great Wall. The outer city wlal was used to prevent enemies from attacking the General Tower diredtly. The barrier walls were used to fight enemiescoming onto the riding tracks on the Great Wall and to prevent attacks on the GeneralTower. Generally, the structure has been deemed a great representative of the militarydefense systems used on the Great Wall, and it symbolizes the peak of Great Wall ar chitecture.