Hawthorn-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Jinshanling scenic duck, wild fruit and other native products of choose and buy: ferns, wood bud, coolies bud, wild mushrooms, day lily, chestnuts, walnuts, hawthorn, addtionally, home-made soy products and so on.

Hawthorn, edible plants, qualitative hard, thin flesh, taste slightly acidity. Deciduous shrubs. Branches densely, thin, young branches pilose. Branchlets puce, LaoZhi beige.

October 9 - mature fruit after harvest. While fresh after dried crataegus pinnatifida and hawthorn fruit under transverse or longitudinal cut in two, dried, or use slicer slices, drying under 60-65 degrees Celsius. Wild hawthorn fruit plucked after drying or drying after pressed into the pie.


Hawthorn can prevent cardiovascular disease, have to dilate blood vessels, strong heart, increase coronary blood flow and improve heart energy, excitement of the central nervous system, soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and diuresis and sedation; Prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, anti-aging, anti-cancer role. Hawthorn acid and strong heart, is also good to senile heart disease

Cancel it can appetizers xiaoshi, especially meat stagnant effect is better, a lot of digestion medicine is adopted in the hawthorn;

Hawthorn has the effect of huoxue huayu, helps to relieve congestion state of the local, for injuries have assisted effect

Hawthorn is a uterine contraction function, has effect on pregnant women in labor, and can promote the postpartum uterus restores

Hawthorn contains flavonoids, vitamin C and carotene material can prevent and reduce the generation of free radicals, can enhance the body immunity, anti-aging, anti-cancer role.

Haw to smooth wheezing (phlegm, inhibit bacteria, treatment of the abdominal pain diarrhea.

Function the attending

Appetizers xiaoshi, sluggish product elimination and activating blood stasis, phlegm and qi. For meat lag, remove lump accumulation, abdominal distension new full abdominal pain, phlegm retention, blood stasis resistance, diarrhea, intestinal blood under wind, etc.

Special note

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, hawthorn by not filling, taste frail unfavorable feed more. Healthy people eat hawthorn also should be moderate, especially children, are undergoing tooth replacement, gluttony hawthorn and hawthorn piece for a long time, haw jelly, etc., growth is bad for your teeth. In addition, hawthorn tablets, GuoDanPi contains a lot of, children eat too much sugar can keep blood sugar at a high level, no hunger, influence eating, long-term consumption can lead to malnutrition, anemia, etc. Is not suitable for patients with diabetes, can be appropriately to eat hawthorn fruit. Attention should be paid to timely gargle brush your teeth after eating, avoiding damage to teeth. Especially note: pregnant women not to eat haw! Pregnant women in early pregnancy reaction, like choose taste sour fruit, but don't choose hawthorn, since the role of the hawthorn has broken blood scattered silt, stimulate uterine contraction, may induce abortion! After taking to promote uterine recovery.