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Jinshanling scenic duck, wild fruit and other native products of choose and buy: ferns, wood bud, coolies bud, wild mushrooms, day lily, chestnuts, walnuts, hawthorn, addtionally, home-made soy products and so on.
        Walnut, deciduous tree, native to the near east region, also known as walnuts, qiang peach, with almonds, cashew nuts, hazelnuts and called the world famous "four nuts". Either a raw food, Fried food, can also be squeezed, make cakes, candy, etc., not only taste and high nutritional value, known as "long live", "longevity fruit".
        Chinese people used to think that walnuts is zhangqian introduced from the western han dynasty, but today's study indicates that the origin of the walnut is not one place but more plants, China is also one of the country of origin. Juglandaceae plants have 7 genera and 28 species in China, we can confirm now is originated in China there are four kinds of, Chinese catalpa, wild walnut, walnut iron walnut and walnut in hebei. Heritage site in 1972 found that magnetic mountain, ash pit excavated in magnetic hill site, found that two bottom tree seed accumulation horizon, identifiable with hazelnuts, small Ye Piao and walnut. Walnut is walnut today, ever think of walnut was introduced into mainland, when the western han dynasty Zhang Qiantong magnetic mountain ruins unearthed from walnut, confirmed that have grown in this area more than 7000 years ago.