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Jinshanling scenic duck, wild fruit and other native products of choose and buy: ferns, wood bud, coolies bud, wild mushrooms, day lily, chestnuts, walnuts, hawthorn, addtionally, home-made soy products and so on.
Addtionally can call its soil eggs again, to the north, especially in the beijing-tianjin 2, why is the mechanization of chicken farm for breeding chickens lay eggs, because farms through artificial breeding, feed containing chemical additives, to accelerate the chicken egg production frequency, make the egg itself nutritional value than discount. And chai eggs (soil) is to point to in captivity, chicken feed almost do not contain chemical element, such as: surface insects such as rice, vegetables, (in all kinds of feed nutrition more on average), hatch chickens in the normal environment, egg production, high nutritional value raised (at least) of egg production made so popular with consumers, can through the following way to distinguish between; Addtionally head generally smaller, eggshell thicker, more for the red one, crack the egg whites after more sticky, egg yolk color is more bright-coloured.
    Addtionally: refers to the cottage on the hillside, missing more free plane under the soil for food, eat the worm chicken eggs. The chickens eat some insects, grass, leftovers, in order to let the chickens lay eggs, still can feed some food, such as corn, wheat bran, etc. Because of the lack in their food must be added by a lot of chicken feed ingredients, such as bone, hormones, etc. Because of these reasons, the egg white thick bright again. Addtionally nutritional value is higher, especially addtionally fatty acid content is very high, so it tastes better.
Addtionally must have three aspects
1, chicken varieties must be Chai Ji in the region;
2, must have a broad area for Chai Ji activity, must be in range;
3, Chai Ji auxiliary feed can not contain any antibiotics and hormones, additives.
So, some will be cage-free high-yielding varieties of laying hens, or Chai Ji caged, even to join a large number of antibiotics and hormones in the feed to egg yield, are not real. Addtionally.