Wild mushrooms-Jinshanling the Great Wall

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Wild mushrooms

Jinshanling scenic duck, wild fruit and other native products of choose and buy: ferns, wood bud, coolies bud, wild mushrooms, day lily, chestnuts, walnuts, hawthorn, addtionally, home-made soy products and so on.
      Wild mushrooms, also known as wild mushrooms, mushrooms, fungus plants, fruit body medicine. Wild mushrooms are usually conditions can be divided into the edible wild mushrooms, edible wild mushroom and poisonous wild mushroom three categories. Edible wild mushroom rich nutrition, flavour is delicious; Conditions edible wild mushroom, refers to through heating, water washing and drying and other processing after the edible wild mushrooms; Do not consume poisonous wild mushroom. Toxic, many different kinds of wild mushrooms, toxin contained ingredients are complex, and poisoning after clinical manifestation is different also.
       Wild mushroom poisoning often occur in summer and the rainy season, is primarily caused by mining, eating poisonous wild mushroom by mistake. For those not familiar with or breathing never eat wild mushrooms, especially those bright color, shape special wild mushrooms, not blindly to gather the food. After taken back to the wild mushrooms is best experienced people, please help identify, then edible.