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The Jinshanling Great Wall is located on the boundary between Miyun County, Beijing and Luanping County, Hebei Province.

Beijing a strategic point since ancient times,a pass and wall were built as early as the Northern Qi (550-577) ,the Five Dynasties (907-979), Liao (907-1125) and Kin (1115-1234) dynasties.

In 1410 (the 8th year of the Ming Yongle reign) Jinshanling was built on the foundation of thatold wall.

Still too simple to be an effective defensive works,General Qi Jiguang,who was in command of the Jizhou garrison area,took charge to rebuild it in 1568 (the second year of the Ming Longqing reign).

With his brother Qi Jimei succeeding him construction went on for over a decade.

The Jinshanling Great Wall,25 kilometers long,has over 150 watchtow-ers and battlementedplatforms.

They are designed in a great variety of shapes—square, circular, oval and multi-comered.Theirceilings are also varied-flat, vaulted, domed, quadrangular or with an octagonal caisson.


This is a very characteristic section of the Great Wall which displays a rich variety ofafchitectural style.